Senior Consultant, UX Designer
Company Overview
Thoughtworks is a publicly owned, global technology company with 48 offices in 17 countries. It provides software design and delivery, and tools and consulting services. The company is closely associated with the movement for agile software development, and has contributed to a content of open source products. ThoughtWorks' business includes Digital Product Development Services, Digital Experience and Distributed Agile software development.
My Contributions
During my time at ThoughtWorks, I was on a dozen different client projects across many cities in the US, Australia, China, and India. I worked along side the best engineers, product, and design teams solving some of the biggest technology hurdles for companies across many industries. I helped deliver large scale development projects on time and also brought organizational change through coaching and mentoring on Agile Software Development processes. I helped grow the North America design practice from 5 designers to 20+ designers and helped bridge the company design culture globally.

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